Customer Experience Survey for Retail

Quality of your surveys configuration can get you quality response, in turn increasing the quality of retail service that you offer to your customers. You can easily customize the templates and add your own questions to the survey. The Customer Experience Management survey enables to follow the customer sentiment as you can analyze customer preferences in retail environment.


In-store customer experience dynamics

The approach to enrich customer experiences through haapi, we understand that customer experience is not limited to the customer’s interaction with only the store’s process, rather it’s variety factors which are considered as characteristic of a shopping mall which helps customers to meet their multipurpose shopping or one-stop shopping. In addition in store or shopping mall convenience is a major factor contributing for overall customer satisfaction and their revisit intention. It may also involve multiple retail channels and repeated customer experience surveys within a retail channel. Thus, it is important to consider the dynamics of an exchange when studying the customer’s experience surveys.


Create multi-lingual customer satisfaction surveys


Effectiveness of product usage for end users


Record and consolidate customer’s survey feedbacks for analysis

Evaluate Survey

Overall customer satisfaction based on product feedback

Haapi helps to automate and Integrate with CEM

Customer satisfaction index review and management system on different products and services needed a system and that could business stake holder’s objective to measure and improves customer satisfaction in retail industry. The haapi enabled self-service check-out processes and proactive communications that analyze survey feedbacks and anticipate customer sentiments and customer expectation information which you can use to reduce service delivery cost. The CHI® Express analytics-empowered service representatives deal with customer concerns more effectively. Cloud-based infrastructure options further reduce costs of service delivery while supporting modern social and mobile technology interfaces.


Realize your customer experience is important and who continue to be repeat customers


Interact properly with a customer using technology strategy is much more effective


Utilizing CSI reports based on loyalty programs to offer discounts to exclusive membership benefits


Creating a presence in retail industry with customer satisfaction in retail store and online shopping

Retail Customer Loyalty and Retention

The Customer Experience Management Survey enables to follow the customer sentiment as the customer comes to a retailing environment with perceptions about customer satisfaction. Retail establishment has accomplished knows their customer through loyalty programs, transactions and customer experience survey feedbacks. Rewarding repeat customers always benefits to the retailer many folds versus rewarding a new customer. Realizing repeat customers and the real-time customer experience data are important to the retailer will continue to bring repeat customers. Communicating repeat customers through haapi framework with emails, social media, direct mail and phone calls or texts is important to keep them informed and updated that can bring them back. Many retail stores uses haapi framework and offer many benefits like free shipping or more liberal return policies for their repeat, loyal customers.


Train employees to learn soft skills needed to interact properly with a customer


Know your customers with transaction data and customer profiles


Loyalty programs linked with satisfied and Repeat Customers


Create offerings for customers based on customer satisfaction index

Self-service technologies and customer experience surveys

Our solutions have been designed to implement Customer Experience Management for retail chain industry, we blended these services with technology to change the way consumers interact with your business. We help you discover trends and anticipate needs, improve consumer experience, deliver top class service. haapi API framework interacts with self-service, express or conventional check-out process integrated with smart devices to deliver an efficient, service delivery platform. Increase of self-checkout technology will correlate with retailers pursuing increasingly diverse approaches to self-service. Traditional self-checkout, involving unassisted consumer scanning, bagging and payment, is only one of a number of solutions deployed in stores.


Increase service quality and improve customer engagement and loyalty.


Integrate a wider range of technologies than in traditional assisted-service POS terminals


Using mobile phone to connect to customer during self-checkout process


Efficient self-checkout process motivates customer experience and sentiment

Retail experience management strategies

The haapi framework integrated with CHI® Express enables your retail process to translate most influential business objectives to measures, which allows you to drill down to real-time survey data capture as aligned with a successful BI program. haapi allows to define measures and link to KPIs aligned with the business objectives that they are used in process quality or service quality benchmarking. You can select following attributes of collection of customer experience survey data through haapi framework.


Touch points of an existing customer database and obtain survey feedback


Set customer satisfaction benchmarks for each business objectives


Set the customers satisfaction measures as per business objective


Compile questions as per customer satisfaction measures

The Happiness Analysis API framework acts as an interface between your enterprise system and customer experience management survey feedback analysis based on real-time customer survey responses. The Haapi framework empowers you to review CX and NPS in real-time and provides quality metrics that helps you to analyze customer survey feedbacks and improve the overall customer facing processes. A scalable CEM solution for delivering automated customer experience survey configuration with advanced integration, security, and real-time CX dashboards for analytics.