Exceeding expectations in financial services

Opportunity for banking industry to deliver a high quality and differentiated customer experience survey. Large number of corporate banking customers rated security of their online corporate solution as their most important element of online banking, followed closely by the ease of use as well as the convenience offered by online banking.


Building relationship & measure customer sentiments

In today’s competitive environment relationship marketing is critical to banking corporate success. Banking is a customer oriented services industry and banks realized that business depends on customer service and the satisfaction of the customer. This is compelling them to improve customer service and build relationships with customers in every possible medium like branch banking, online banking, online emails promotions, SMS promotions and social networking feeds.

The blend of three banking relationship dimensions, traditional services, multi channel banking and internal banking, which lead to customer satisfaction survey in great extent, these were identified through factor analysis. A perceptual customer satisfaction index score is generated using the haapi framework and CHI® Express business intelligence solutions. And these solutions helped to identify how each bank was positioned in the customers’ minds.

Measure customer service quality

Customer experience survey data capture through haapi framework and reporting on the different satisfaction levels through CHI® Express for all banking customers. Recent findings suggest that while private banks have been able to attract the younger customers with higher educational levels, who are comfortable with multi channel banking, the customers of the national bank are older and more satisfied with the traditional facilities. The results from this study could provide managerial lessons on assessment of strengths and improvement of services and in evolving a research strategy that will benefit the management of banks. haapi integrated with CHI® Express helps to develop Customer-focused strategies, surveys, metrics, and best practices for bank to achieve customer happiness index and link such target customer satisfaction index with key performance indicators for the country level, regional level, state level, city level, and branches level as well.

User survey experience

Navigation of internet banking platform.

Survey Effectiveness

Features and transactions offered via internet banking.

Contact Points

Ease of access to customer care/ relationship manager.


Ease of operations and transactions at Branch / ATM .

Personalized customer experience in banking

In order to improve customer satisfaction survey and increase customer loyalty banks are using more responsive in customer experience area. Banks are making sure that customers have a great branch experience and same focus on ATM, online banking and mobile banking. haapi framework and analytics solutions have been designed to implement Customer Experience Management survey for banks. CHI® Express business intelligence survey reporting abilities integrated with haapi framework used to change the way customers interact with banking facilities through multiple touch points. We help you discover customer experience survey trends and address customer concerns, improve consumer experience and retain customers for long term.

Data security

Quality of internet/mobile banking

Proximity of ATM

Financial Stability

Innovative products/services

Interest rates and fees

Turnaround time for request and enquiries

Proximity of Branches

Service makes the difference in customer experience surveys

Excellent customer service and the quality of customer experience is the factor for customers choose to stay with a bank. Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is measured to determine customer satisfaction in banking industry by weighted score that assigns importance ratings of the objectives of service verticals and associated measures. On which survey feedbacks provided by customers on the service delivery of the banks. Responses are captured using banking customer happiness API – haapi and customer experience analytics are shown in CHI® Express dashboards.


Accessibility and quality of service Customer Care.

Customer Care

Quality of interaction of relationship manager with customers.

Online Banking

Measures online systems efficiency and user experience.

Branch Experience

Captures branch systems efficiency & turnaround time.


Measures customers’ perception on charges and rates on products.


Quality of relationship with bank representative.

The Happiness Analysis API framework acts as an interface between your enterprise system and customer experience management survey feedback analysis based on real-time customer survey responses. The Haapi framework empowers you to review CX and NPS in real-time and provides quality metrics that helps you to analyze customer survey feedbacks and improve the overall customer facing processes. A scalable CEM solution for delivering automated customer experience survey configuration with advanced integration, security, and real-time CX dashboards for analytics.