E-retailers ahead in customer satisfaction survey

Recent eRetail growth trends managed and enhanced by haapi CEM framework which shows that customers are more satisfied with online or mobile e-commerce process than with retail stores. The customer experience and satisfaction level doubled based on the user survey experience in digital retail and customers are really happy by the gains made in saved time and efforts through online shopping.


Ways To Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience

haapi CEM framework helps today’s e-commerce business and guides to improve user experience during online shopping and deliver best service quality. The CEM solution helps to measure customer experience during the online transition and delivery through simple surveys. CEM plays a key role in customer retention by fast resolution of buyer expectations, helps to provide existing customers with additional values. Monitoring customer satisfaction trends by haapi CEM solution by increasing the focus on enhancing the customer experience during the purchase process and to add value and improve customer retention. As e-commerce relies on effective communication which are transmitted electronically. Digital communications make it easier to capture and analyze the customer experience throughout the shopping and distribution process. haapi CEM system include the following components integrated with e-commerce process.

Customer Database

Improve operational efficiency and integrated customer database with the customer experience management

Online Trust

Strengthen relationships with new and existing customers by implementing online security and reliable website technology

Customer Loyalty

Helps to measure consumer willingness to visit your e-commerce website frequently and keep utilizing reward points

Security & Privacy

E-commerce website abides by personal data protection laws and only collects user's personal data that are necessary for its activity

Customer loyalty is critical asset for e-retailers

haapi CEM helps to analyze long-term growth and trends of e-commerce customer satisfaction. Small increases in customer survey experience can effects customer retention rates dramatically Increase, to visit their favorite websites twice as often as non-loyal customers. haapi Customer Experience Management survey helps to determine the key factors that influence customer loyalty in e-commerce. CEM framework helps to formulate effective survey management for online shoppers. CEM framework helps e-retailers to overcome the struggle in retaining customers in an increasingly competitive e-market. CEM framework enables to improve customer loyalty by maximizing customer satisfaction and trust.

Preferred Channel

Enable customers to use their preferred channel, e-commerce providers need a multichannel approach that includes e-commerce and a standard sales force to allow customers to use their preferred channel

CX Strategy

Customer Experience Management platform that offer survey management tools that can leverage customer information to enable e-commerce marketers to develop and execute a successful CX strategy

Personalized CEM

E-commerce providers can create relevant, personalized, outbound online, e-mail, SMS or CATI Customer experience management surveys that take advantage of service window based, and location based CX analysis

Measure Real-time CX

Helps to measure the effectiveness of CX surveys by viewing statistics by location and enables to compare CX parameter by responsive and real-time dashboards to review CX promotions, and plan online CEM strategies

The Happiness Analysis API framework acts as an interface between your enterprise system and customer experience management survey feedback analysis based on real-time customer survey responses. The Haapi framework empowers you to review CX and NPS in real-time and provides quality metrics that helps you to analyze customer survey feedbacks and improve the overall customer facing processes. A scalable CEM solution for delivering automated customer experience survey configuration with advanced integration, security, and real-time CX dashboards for analytics.