Insurance Product Satisfaction Survey Metrics

Haapi framework helps to implement customer satisfaction survey for service providers like insurance companies dealing in general, life, annuity or pension plans. Insurance customers have become more critical and demanding as they expect greater transparency, clear communication and a high level of customer service and support.


Focus on maximizing insured benefits

Strong relationships have been noticed between service quality dimensions like quick resolutions customer enquiries and overall customer satisfaction in insurance industry. The superior service offering and satisfaction derived from service quality enhance the customer experience and result in improvements in customer loyalty, retention and subsequently business for the insurance company through omni-channel customer satisfaction surveys. Haapi Customer Experience Management (CEM) framework allows you to integrate Haapi CEM with your existing system to analyze real-time customer satisfaction survey data in insurance industry. The Haapi survey framework enables you to collect customer sentiment data through multiple touch-points.


Measure CX for customer service windows and how satisfied your customers are with the products and services your organization provides


Measures customer experience survey data on claim processing in a period and it's important to note that insurance is the business of managing risks


Enables to drive customer engagement and build your brand in the right social spaces and helps to measure the impact of each interaction with your audience


Transparency & information sharing with customer is transformed in trust and commitment during sensitive times such as when a customer is submitting a claim

Helping you to become customer-centric

Haapi CEM Framework provides a wide range of services and software, from strategy to implementation, which contributes to the customer experience value chain. The CEM solution offers insurance companies a clear roadmap to engage customers more effectively and helping them to implement CEM platforms without the danger of escalating budgets and timelines, reductions in service levels. The CEM solution combines decades of our experience in a feature-rich, flexible system that is easily customized to your business needs. The affordable CEM platform includes Capture CX Feedbacks by multiple channels like Email, SMS, CATI, or KIOSK with a powerful automatically trigger CX Survey for real-time analytics. The solution includes a complete digital survey administration system, with real-time CX dashboards to measures customer experience index for insurance products and services, providing a customer-centric view of your business. The CEM solution includes

Integrate CEM

Integrate CEM with insurance operators closer to their customers using digital customer relationship management that focuses on CX throughout the insurance service process

Capture Response

Paradigm shift for CEM integrated with insurance providers through centralized and real-time customer experience feeds, are the future differentiator for insurance service providers

Digital CX Survey Experience

Online transaction and updates through email, SMS or websites is the starting point of digital customer experience to start automatically trigger real-time CX Survey

Dashboard Reporting

The CX dashboards empower insurance providers with more actionable data, NPS® Reporting* with historical trends analysis, with alert for Negative CX feedback from customers

The Happiness Analysis API framework acts as an interface between your enterprise system and customer experience management survey feedback analysis based on real-time customer survey responses. The Haapi framework empowers you to review CX and NPS in real-time and provides quality metrics that helps you to analyze customer survey feedbacks and improve the overall customer facing processes. A scalable CEM solution for delivering automated customer experience survey configuration with advanced integration, security, and real-time CX dashboards for analytics.